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Pedal Assist not Pedal Resist

The Bicycle as it is defined is a human powered, pedal driven, single-track vehicle, having two wheels attached to a frame, one behind the other.  A person who rides a bicycle is called a Cyclist or Bicyclist.

Now, an Electric Bicycle is an electric powered version of a bicycle.  The primary function of an electric bicycle is to aid people in their cycling efforts.  When we speak with the public about electric bicycles, we get the same reactions.  Wide-eyed interest, but from some, also a bit of skepticism.  The same question may be asked, “isn’t that cheating.”  The answer is always no, and leads to a long conversation about why that specific consumer hasn’t ridden a bicycle in years because they were either too old, too injured, too disinterested, too lazy, or too scared.  You see, Electric Bicycles open up the world of bicycling to a population of people who otherwise would not be biking.  Regardless of age or fitness level, much of our population has shied away from bicycling, because over time we found new forms of transport or exercise.  Bicycles were trumped by something that was either faster, louder, more powerful, or shinier. The electric bicycle levels that interest playing field.  20 somethings looking for a new luxury toy to take them to work, 30 somethings looking for a new weekend recreation option, 50 somethings looking for a bike so their wife can keep up with them, or other 50 somethings now buying their husband an eBike because he’s upset she wont wait up for him on her new eBike.  eBikes have added another technological element to bicycles in order to bring more of our population back to biking.

Now that we have established and confirmed that Electric Bicycles are saving the future of the bicycle community, there are varying levels of eBikes, and varying commitments to assisting the bicycling movement.  Many electric bicycles have pedal assistance, and throttle on demand.  Throttle on demand is there for those who want to sit and ride, or for those who need that much more assistance during their ride.  In the US market, throttle has gained much of the attention, and much of the use from early adopters.  The eBike industry has unfortunately given eBiking a stigma that people are buying eBikes to throttle.  The truth is that many of the people looking to buy an eBike, intended to buy the bike in order to get pedal assistance.  They wanted to get back out on a bike, and enjoy some exercise/commuting in the great outdoors.  They wanted to ride to work without sweating, or pedal to the local store without overexerting themselves.

The problem is that until now pedal assistance on an electric bicycle has felt severely unnatural, jerky, and disconnected from the biking experience.  Due to this, those who intended to get into assisted biking, have defaulted to electric throttling.  It was more powerful, and pedal assistance wasn’t an enjoyable experience.  By not offering a quality pedal assistance, the eBike industry has created a community of electric throttlers.  New technologies are emerging now, like found on Polaris Electric Bicycles, that offer pedal assistance as it was intended.  BioSync Pedal assistance as found on the Polaris eBikes has been compared to the closest thing to a real bike ride, and we have been told that “it makes you want to pedal.”  Don’t get us wrong, on any given day, you will find many of our owners throttling around town.  Throttling is still fun, and a great way to cruise from point A to point B, but with BioSync pedal assistance, you have the option to enjoy pedaling your eBike too.  From this point on eBike technology will only continue to evolve and make the gap between pure bicyclists and eBicyclists dissolve.  Biking is an activity that everyone should have the opportunity and be excited to experience.  We are proud to offer that experience to everyone who wants in.

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  1. Richard Holmlund April 28, 2013

    I am 77 years old, still ride my bike, and am interested in your product. Being six feet in height, I am wondering which, if any, of your bikes would be comfortable to pedal. Is there free shipping? Any discounts for buying two bikes? My wife and I are both interested.


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