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Day One at Interbike 2013

Polaris ebike Interbike

What an exciting day! Today was the debut of the V2 Polaris eBike. The V2 was released to the Interbike public and it couldn’t have been better received.  Impressed faces were abundant when we finished explaining the expanded capabilities of the newest Polaris eBike.  

Early on we were able to scope out our competition.  We know that we have one of the best ranges for an eBike battery. The V2 battery will range up to 50 miles with the option to recharge your battery in mode -2.  Plus, this bike has been specifically designed to climb hills.

Out at the Demo track every person who tried the bike came back with a big smile on their face.  We had a wide range of participants on our bike today, from kids to their parents, and everywhere in between. The unifying opinion after the ride was “How soon can you send this to me”. This was music to our ears.  See you tomorrow at booth 5013! 

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