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Earth Day


Today is Earth Day.  Over one billion people around the world in over 190 countries are taking actions to protect the environment, including the Polaris eBikes team.

Do you know about our ARCREGEN?  This system is an energy recovery system that captures power and returns it to the bike’s battery supply as you brake and exceed certain speeds.

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“ Where Will Your eBike Take You?”

Earth Day







2015 Polaris line up available summer 2014 featuring Duo Drive technology.

2015 Polaris line up available summer 2014 featuring Duo Drive technology.

A brushless direct drive permanent magnet motor providing pedal assistance and battery regeneration.  During the riding experience, the motor automatically adjusts to the varying wattage and torque output requirements necessary for the particular terrain.

“Where will your eBike take  you?”

Photo taken at Lake Mead, NV

“Where will your POLARIS eBike take you?” Seattle, WA

Polaris facebook-Seattle, WA

In this eventure with Polaris eBikes, we went to Seattle, WA. We took out the Meridians for the day, rode downtown and then crossed over to west Seattle on the Ferry.

“Where will your eBike take you?”

We are proud to announce a great partnership with Seattle E-Bike as a platinum dealer. Stop down to the store and pick up a new Meridian.

Seattle E-Bike
570 1st Ave South
Seattle, WA 98104

Where will your eBike take you?


Where will your eBike take you?


In this eVenture, the JGS Concepts crew heads to Homer Alaska to ride the Polaris eBikes along the beach in search of waves to go surfing.

Where does your eBike take you?  Add a photo to instagram or Facebook and tag #polarisebikes for a chance to be featured on our website and social networks.

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What to wear on a bike for the shorter days

What to wear on a bike for the shorter days

The days have been getting noticeably shorter, pumpkin spice is in everything from beer to lattes, and the weather is starting to become cold, autumn is upon us. Just because we have transitioned into fall, it doesn’t mean that you should put away your ebike!

“What should I wear to stay warm?” This is usually the first thought when riding in the cooler weather. For a few, the solution would be to dress as if you were going for a walk or just out-and-about. That would most certainly keep you warm, but too warm as you most likely will start sweating and would be uncomfortable from being sweaty and cold. A general rule is to dress to where you are just slightly cold, and after approximately 15 minutes of pedaling, you are comfortable. Polaris Ebike seattle Your hands are on the forefront of the cold stream of air. You may want to consider a pair of thin fully fingered gloves. It is recommended, just like summer riding, to wear man made materials. Synthetic materials will generally wick sweat, or water easily. This is especially important in the cooler months. You will want to layer clothing, for a base use long sleeved synthetic shirt, this can be found at any athletic department. On top of the athletic shirt, depending on the current conditions, add heavier coat or shirt combinations to stay warm. Try to have your clothes to be a bit lose, this will allow air to act as insulation between layers. Avoid wearing cotton as a base layer. It will not be able to wick away sweat from riding under the other layers.

One essential element, not to forget, for autumn riding is your front and rear lights. It may or may not be a local law, but it is highly recommended. Having lights increases your visibility many times over versus being without them.  Where will you and your ebike go this autumn? We would love to see!

What is the right Helmet for me?

What is the right Helmet for me?

The most crucial safety feature of your ebike is the helmet you choose. Consequently, it is extremely beneficial to have the knowhow to pick the right helmet! According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; if all children between the ages of 4 and 15 wore a bicycle helmet around 39,000 to 45,000 head injuries could be

The best place to start would be to measure your head to know how big or small it is. The easiest way to do so is to find flexible tape and measure the largest portion of your head.  The largest part of your head is about 1 inch above your eyebrows. If you do not have flexible tape, wrap a string around your head then measure the length of that string with a ruler. Many helmets, especially children sizes, will be a one-size-fits-all size. The range for a one size fits all men’s helmet is around 21 to 24 inches. A female one size helmet, the range is around 19.75 to 22.5 inches, and a child one size helmet is around 18 to 22.5 inches. Helmet manufactures may have different ranges for their one sizes. Also, many manufactures will size between small medium and large. If you are between a manufacture’s size always opt for the smaller size range.

The next step after you picked out a helmet is to adjust the fit. Your helmet should be snug and not move around. Shake your head around, if the helmet moves or becomes loose, the helmet has not been properly adjusted. You should have your helmet sit level on your head, not tilted forward or back and should sit approximately 1” above your eyebrows. One last tip to check if your helmet is adjusted properly is when your chinstrap is buckled, open your mouth, the helmet should press against your forehead.

Wearing a helmet to us at Polaris eBikes is simply second nature; similar to wearing a seat belt in a vehicle. Remember; always observe all local helmet laws. We want you to have a great time on your bicycle. Have a question or topic you would like us to cover? Let us know!

Be Green and Save Green on your eBike

Be Green and Save Green on your eBike

You could save $1,500 or more if you switched your automobile for a bicycle to commute to work. The average American lives approximately five miles away from their current job. This would equate to around a 20-30 minute commute via a bicycle. A commute on a bike fits within the average commute time of 25.4 minutes for most Americans according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

polaris ebike

The trip to the office may seem too small to calculate any true savings. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In a year, driving to work and back will account for nearly 2,600 miles. That is almost the same distance between New York City and San Francisco. The average price of gasoline is $3.43 per gallon which for the year will be $356. According to the AAA, the average cost for maintenance of a vehicle was $0.497 per mile. This will total to $1,292 for a year. Once you have been transported by your vehicle, it will need to reside somewhere during the day, which leads to parking fees. The average daily cost for parking is $15. After a year has passed, you can expect to pay $3,900. As a reward for all that pedaling it can potentially save you $5,548 for the year! On top of that, you are improving your health and your well being. Also, for argument’s sake, all numbers found are an approximate national average. Results will vary based on local conditions.

Commuting via bicycle is something that can be easily done. Remember, everyone had to learn how to drive and how long their daily commute would take. That is the same for a bicycle, although, once you have established what works for you going to work and back on a bike, it will become as normal as picking up the keys and turning on the engine.

Do I Need to Wear Bright colors on my eBike?

Do I Need to Wear Bright colors on my eBike?

There is a common misconception about cycling, which is that once you start you must wear bright colored lycra. This is simply not true; Lycra also comes in many earth tones! All joking aside, it is not necessary to wear brightly colored clothing, nor even lycra.


Why has cycling, as a movement, decided to endorse itself with colors that seem to glow? It is because of visibility. Here is a quote from the December, 2010 issue of Bicycling magazine, “When cyclists wear fluorescent clothing, a drivers perception of distance increases from 400 feet to 2,200 feet during the day and from 150 feet to 560 feet at night.” Drivers can see brighter clothing from greater distances is why many cyclists have decided to wear flashy colors. If you feel safer wearing bright colors, go for it! If it will make you feel silly, go for something more reserved.

Ok, but why the skin tight clothing? Skin tight clothing is for moisture control. The tight lycra wicks away sweat quickly to keep cool and to prevent chaffing. This type of clothing is necessary for very long distances and cyclists in training for events. As a bonus, there is sometimes extra  padding for comfort. For recreational cyclists, there is not an overwhelming need for these special types of clothing. For many that will be using our ebike, a shirt that is made out of man-made materials likely will work great, along with athletic shorts of choice. Avoid cotton when working out or going on longer bike rides as cotton will retain moisture and will give extra weight when wet.

When on our ebike you have the freedom to wear whatever you desire! If you need to be in full office attire, you can use the throttle to get there without a drop of sweat. Perhaps you would prefer to put on gym clothes, go for a long distance ride, and get a work out. Maybe you want the best of both worlds and just go and have a relaxing ride.

Easy Steps to Clean Your eBike Chain

Easy Steps to Clean Your eBike Chain

Without your bike chain, you don’t move. Pedal as hard as you would like, you’re going nowhere fast. The chain on your bike is arguably the most important part you have on your bike. It is important that you regularly maintain your ebike chain so each ride will be a great one. If you don’t know where to start, we can help you with that!

Step One:

Oil, degreaser, and dirt will make for a messy situation quickly. It is best to find an open space so you can easily work on your bike. Outside would be the ideal choice when working on your bike. Tip: place newspaper below the bike, this will make cleaning up easy.

Step Two:

Find a chain cleaning device, such as the one pictured below. This device will easily attach to your bike. You will need to fill the device to the recommended line for degreaser. Find any degreaser of choice. It is best to use a degreaser that is either citrus or oil based to clean the chain.

eBike Chain Cleaner








Step Three:

You will want to run your chain through the cleaning device by pedaling the bike. You should notice the degreaser becoming dirty from cleaning your chain. You may need to repeat this step a couple of times, change the degreaser and wipe off the chain and repeat this step.

Step Four:

Wipe off the degreaser and loose dirt off of your chain with a rag.

Step Five:

Wipe off all the parts that touch the chain with a rag soaked in degreaser. This won’t allow the chain to become dirty as quickly since all the parts it touches are cleaned now clean. You will also want to wipe them off with a clean rag to remove any extra degreaser.

Step Six:

First check to see that the chain is dry from degreaser. Then, apply your bike chain lubricant directly to the chain. It is important to allow the lubricant to dry before using. If riding before the oil has dried, the chain will only attract dirt and destroy your hard work.

(Optional Step)

If your bike chain is extremely dirty use an old toothbrush soaked in degreaser and scrub the chain and all parts that the chain touch clean. This is so you can remove large debris and dirt from your bike and will prevent you from repeating step three several times.

Your bike chain is ready to go! Keeping the chain maintained will ensure that you are at optimal power and will be able to change between gears with ease.



Day Two at Interbike

Each day at Interbike brings new exciting collaborations. We inspired the Alaska Downhill Brigade to create this cool snipet of their experiance with the bike!

Check it out here:


Great work guys! We cant wait to see what you can do with the bike!


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